Monthly Archives: August 2011

Studio three months away!

The framing is up, the electric is wired, and the doors are on!  We just need walls 🙂  No seriously tho we areView full post »

Crystal and Mike “From Paris with Love”

You may have seen a few pictures from Crystals Bridal shoot in Paris, well here are a few pictures from her wedding dayView full post »

Summer Love

These two are perfect for each other and we had a great time taking their engagement pictures!  Were looking forward toView full post »

Golden Warm Summer

The heat wave or the wee morning hours didn’t phase Lillian’s HS senior photo shoot.  I think we pickedView full post »

The girls*

I finally took the time to do my daughters photo shoot – mom included.  These are some of my favorite from theView full post »

Heat Wave

Wow a record temperature day in Texas -115 degrees!  Fortunately Beau agreed to do his senior photo shoot early in theView full post »


So the early morning photo shoots continue as the heat in Texas reaches 108 degrees!  We started the photo shoot at 6:View full post »

Happy Birthday Leylah!

Although I missed her party, I got the chance to take her one year old photos!  Ms. Leylah is so adorable and she isView full post »

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