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Sunsets in Spring

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I cannot believe it is already here! Senior sessions are in full swing again and graduation is justView full post »

Little Black and White Dress!

I think it’s pretty obvious which outfit I love the most! Sydney’s little black and white dress (LBWD) isView full post »

Blowing in the Wind

No the title is not in reference to the great Bob Dylan song, its actually based on the fact that we had TONS of windView full post »

One Hot Summer!

Its summer, its Texas and its Hot outside! So we went a little faster than average but still got some amazing photos!View full post »

The Endless Smile!

It was another blazing hot summer day in Texas! In fact, I think it was a record 101 degrees out! You could totally feelView full post »

Faith and Love

There are not enough words to describe Katie! She is such a strong, beautiful, and humble women who has a heart forView full post »

The Drive In!

As the end of the 2017 school year is coming to a close, I am just wrapping up my last senior session and thought IView full post »

Beaches, Prom, and Graffiti

When I tell my HS seniors they can pick three locations, I typically don’t mean three different cities LOL! ButView full post »


Man these are good! I think I need to go back to film cameras so I don’t take so many photos! Truly looks amazing inView full post »

You CAN’T beat her smile!

Madeline has one of the most contagious smiles around! When she smiles, you just cannot help but smile back! Her seniorView full post »


I have seen hundreds of different hair styles but I have to say that none compare to Megan’s natural THICK CURLEY hairView full post »

A Golden Time

The Munfy Blog has really taken a back burner to social media updates but I pinkie swear, the blog is not forgotten andView full post »


WOO PIG SOOIE!! – If you know anything about college football or any other sporting event at the University ofView full post »

Hey Jude!

“Hey Jude!” I used this line more than she probably ever thought she would hear but how could I not? At one point IView full post »

That Laugh – That Blue Dress!

I have come to the realization that its impossible to pick a favorite outfit! How girls decide what to wear is beyond meView full post »

Dreamy Life!

I love looking back on my senior sessions, and Lauren’s senior session is one of my favorites from 2016! Lauren&#View full post »

Beautiful and Cut up Hilarious!

Going back through all my senior sessions from 2016 has been a great remainder of all fun and laughs I had in each photoView full post »

A girl, a lab, and a Mustang

The title pretty much says it all! Chelby is absolutely stunning and she has an endless smile and the greatest hair!!View full post »

Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner!

Sooner or later I would update the blog 🙂 Sorry for the delay but senior rush took lots of time this year, but goodView full post »

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