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The Endless Smile!

It was another blazing hot summer day in Texas! In fact, I think it was a record 101 degrees out! You could totally feelView full post »

Faith and Love

There are not enough words to describe Katie! She is such a strong, beautiful, and humble women who has a heart forView full post »

The Drive In!

As the end of the 2017 school year is coming to a close, I am just wrapping up my last senior session and thought IView full post »

Beaches, Prom, and Graffiti

When I tell my HS seniors they can pick three locations, I typically don’t mean three different cities LOL! ButView full post »


Man these are good! I think I need to go back to film cameras so I don’t take so many photos! Truly looks amazing inView full post »

You CAN’T beat her smile!

Madeline has one of the most contagious smiles around! When she smiles, you just cannot help but smile back! Her seniorView full post »


I have seen hundreds of different hair styles but I have to say that none compare to Megan’s natural THICK CURLEY hairView full post »

A Golden Time

The Munfy Blog has really taken a back burner to social media updates but I pinkie swear, the blog is not forgotten andView full post »


WOO PIG SOOIE!! – If you know anything about college football or any other sporting event at the University ofView full post »

Hey Jude!

“Hey Jude!” I used this line more than she probably ever thought she would hear but how could I not? At one point IView full post »

That Laugh – That Blue Dress!

I have come to the realization that its impossible to pick a favorite outfit! How girls decide what to wear is beyond meView full post »

Dreamy Life!

I love looking back on my senior sessions, and Lauren’s senior session is one of my favorites from 2016! Lauren&#View full post »

Beautiful and Cut up Hilarious!

Going back through all my senior sessions from 2016 has been a great remainder of all fun and laughs I had in each photoView full post »

A girl, a lab, and a Mustang

The title pretty much says it all! Chelby is absolutely stunning and she has an endless smile and the greatest hair!!View full post »

Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner!

Sooner or later I would update the blog 🙂 Sorry for the delay but senior rush took lots of time this year, but goodView full post »

American Graffiti

Let me start by saying that Brooke has amazing red hair! It has most unique reddish dark tone and photographed tooView full post »

Getting Close!

In honor of Valentines day and with only two more weeks until their wedding day, I thought what a great time to shareView full post »


This was one of my favorite BUT windiest HS Senior sessions of the year! The weather forecast said slight winds but notView full post »


Morgan is absolutely stunning and her eyes are literally crystal blue! Morgan is not only beautiful but she is hilariousView full post »

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